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My coaching-consulting services are comprehensive and integral, focused on your well-being and outcomes. For faster, end-to-end change, I consider your identity, values, beliefs, skills, knowledge, behaviors, and environment.

There are coaches who exclusively guide the talk; there are therapists who solely use specific techniques and processes; there are mentors and consultants who only share their knowledge and customize solutions; I do all this and more, tailoring the approach fully to you and being flexible to ensure you get the best all-around results.

Your maximum benefits are the result of my complete focus on support, using extensive business experience and constantly expanding knowledge, I give you the best.
I draw from my background in managing people, projects, supply chain and end-to-end cross-functional coordination on a global scale. I leverage experience in the regulated environment of the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries, for both in-house manufacturing and contract manufacturers.

I bring to you my whole self with all the resources, including those gained with certificates:

◼ Master NLP Coach of Coaching Division of The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming,

◼ Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy of American Board of Hypnotherapy,

◼ Master Coach, Business Advisor, Integral Therapist, Psychological Advisor of The Leaders of Change Institute,

◼ Six Sigma Black Belt by TÜV Thüringen Partner,

◼ Supply Chain Professional by Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM / APICS),

and hundreds of hours of other courses, trainings, books, podcasts, articles and discussions on the topics of leadership, communication, business analysis and strategy, HR, marketing, quality, manufacturing, finance, customer service and more.

Why working with me will benefit you?

Greg Hinc | Life-Business Coach and Consultant | Inspirer of Curiosity
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What are you losing without my support:

"Gained motivation and greatly accelerated the pace of my activities. I systematized my thoughts and translated them into tangible mental projects.'

"Brought changes to my thinking and specific guidance on how to implement them."

"Clearly explains the mechanisms that steer me, which gives an understanding of the situation."

"Felt his support every step of the way and I know I can trust him."

"Thoroughly analysed my situation and with patience and commitment led me to change."

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Are questions popping up in your head?

'My life is great and I do not need changes.'

Everything changes and what is now is not given once and for all. If you don't act, you can lose literally everything.

More than that, no matter how it is now, I guarantee that it can be better and I will help you achieve that goal.

'This is not a good time for a change. There is too much happening.'

Every day without solving the problem, costs you so much energy, time and money, how much better it could be if you solved it. You also lose the benefits you would gain by improving your situation. You don't even notice this on a daily basis, because the awareness of these losses is overwhelming. With me, you will not only save, but gain. Every day of delay is a loss.

'My problem is too small. It is not worth dealing with.'

Be proactive. Do not wait until the problems grow and you are painfully affected. Prevent and resolve them while they are small, because it is faster and easier that way. I excel at spotting the most beneficial areas for improvement, which ensures swift results.

'My problem is too serious. I will not be able to deal with working through it.'

Growing problems can result in serious consequences. The biggest problems, is the biggest damage. They should be the priority. When we approach them systematically, the situation can quickly improve. That is why I focus on adaptation, efficiency and full support in achieving your goal.

'My problem is unique. It will not work here what works for others.'

The source of the problem is not in the finer details that distinguish a given situation. When we look wider and deeper, the problems begin at the level of understanding of self and others. I know the mechanisms and tailor solutions that deliver results.

'I have no mental problem. I do not need a shrink.'

Coaching and consulting are not directed to people with mental disorders. It is expert support in becoming better and solving problems more effectively. You don't have to be an athlete to use a coach, or a corporation to hire a consultant. Let yourself benefit from my support.

'I do not need external support. I know myself best.'

No one knows you better than you know yourself. At the same time, naturally, our perspective is biased - we reject what is not in line with our beliefs and we don't see everything because we are inside the problem. Skillful support from an expert opens our thinking and doing so in a lasting way is the fundamental value that I give to clients.

'I have no time for this. I am too busy.'

It is not about being busy, but about the results of our actions. My support will increase your efficiency - you will achieve more, easier, faster and with more joy. It is an investment that will allow you to have more time, energy and beyond, as well as do more of what you enjoy.

'I have no money for this.'

Any change requires an investment of time, energy or money. So save your time and energy in learning everything yourself and invest your money in your development with me. You will reduce losses and increase profits faster, which will give you more than what you invest. Think about how you spend money on one-time solutions and pleasures instead of lasting change and ongoing benefits.

'Life-coaching makes sense, but no one is going to tell me how to run my business.'

Both in life and in business, the most important factor is people, and the same principles apply. Complementing this with my extensive business knowledge and diverse experience, I can support with insight in solving difficult problems, as well as improvement.

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Greg Hinc | Life-Business Coach and Consultant | Inspirer of Curiosity

Greg Hinc

life-business coach and consultant

Initiate and lead the transformation
in a tailored and efficient way 
in a full synergy of You

Your relations

Your team

Your processes

Your business

Your life

Greg Hinc | Life-Business Coach and Consultant | Inspirer of Curiosity

Inspirer of Curiosity

I will pull You out of the status quo
show You the world of possibilities above
and lift You higher than you imagine
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