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Life experience

I was born and raised in a small town in south-central Poland. My family was relatively poor, but my parents worked hard and long to improve our status of living, as a result of which I did not receive much attention. Respect for work and effort absolutely stayed with me, but, having learned from observation, I pay a lot of attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of what I do and all the processes around me.

I grew up with a 2-year older brother and in many ways we were different. More than once there were arguments and fights in which he was the physically stronger one, but I made up for it with a sharp tongue - quick thinking, connecting the dots, and choosing words still serves me, although in a much better way.

In this early period of my life, I also formed the belief that I am not the most important, I should think of others, and I will somehow manage, I will adapt, and I can suffer.


Although I tried for many years, I was never able to truly fit into any group. I always stood out more and felt really bad about conforming at the expense of my true self. I was more sensitive, reflective - I had a really vibrant life going on inside me, and because of that I was more mature. I observed, reflected, and did not understand the simple behavior of peers, but also adults, especially foolish choices and not caring about others. Although I was also subject to them sometimes, trying to please and fit in.

I felt alone and misunderstood. I felt I didn't fit in and I thought there was something wrong with me. I am not bound by the same rules - what is good for others is rarely for me. At an early age, I began to fall into thinking about psychology and philosophy - the causes, choices, and purpose of life. The liking for using the resources of philosophy and reflection is strong in me.


Throughout my school years, I felt betrayed, abandoned, and rejected more than once. Together with the lack of support, this caused me to stop trusting people.

So I didn't open up and increasingly remained alone with my often unsupportive thoughts, while at the same time, I liked to support others - probably because I didn't want them to feel like me. So I was a confidant, but also a counselor and coach. And this did not apply only to those I knew. Even people I had just met online were willing to open up to me and tell me about their emotional, relationship, and family problems and traumas. I was helping and understood that it was working, and at the same time I constantly had the thought that I was different and it didn't apply to me, it wouldn't help me.


For lack of a better understanding of myself, my needs, and abilities, for lack of self-confidence and fear, I didn't even try to get into psychology studies. Philosophical studies were even less considered - after all, there are no jobs after that. Instead, I began to study engineering, Energetics - it seemed to provide a chance for a decent job, it was close enough for me to commute every day and for my parents not to have to pay additional costs. In addition, such a job seemed to provide a chance for a job where I wouldn't have to deal with people who seemed mostly difficult to bear at the time. After all, an engineer can focus on observation, analysis, and calculations - I liked that.

Things didn't change much during my studies, but the new environment provided an opportunity to shape myself anew - I enjoyed doing that. I cared more about my boundaries, there were more people with whom I could find a more common language, but I was still an outsider compared to others. I still cared too much about many things - I liked to be on time and prepared, which is not how students behave, I lacked laid-back attitude.


After graduation, I was unable to find a job - in retrospect, I can say that I had no idea what I was doing. Eventually, I got a job in my hometown, although not in my profession. However, this was good enough, as I had no ambitions at the time. I was tired of life.


20 years of living with a sense of being different, misunderstood, and inner loneliness, many years of pondering the meaning of existence and death, and long years of considering suicide led me to make the attempt. I was in such a state that I finally stopped thinking about the effect it would have on others and did it for myself. In the midst of the act, I realized that if I am able to kill myself, I can do anything, because nothing limits me anymore. So began the process of change.

I experienced several, ineffective in my opinion, sessions with a psychologist and gave up. I didn't believe that they could help me, and the psychologist's passive approach only made me believe that. However, it was the least I could do to make my family feel more assured.


Changes in my life were gaining momentum - I started thinking about the future, took more care of my health, started a relationship with a woman I had known for many years, although until then contact had been mainly online. I also soon moved in with her out of my hometown as I found a new job.

I began to focus more and more strongly on my development and increasingly understood that the greatest satisfaction came from developing others. What I took away from my mentality and experience above all was that thinking differently adds value, especially in challenging the status quo, which became my increasingly conscious attribute. This is what I have focused on in my work, being for others and making a difference, especially in people.


The desire to experience, grow and change pushed me and my wife to relocate to the Polish capital. As expected, we did not feel at our best there, confined amidst steel and glass and the tension in the air. Along with other factors, including physical and mental health, this convinced us to make another change, and that's how we ended up in Ireland.

Here I felt I could take a full breath and be more myself.


Among all the experiences, personal work with diverse people, including toxic or emotionally unaware people, was certainly significant. There have been periods of overworking myself, with no vacation and when only sleep time remained, as well as working despite illness. More than once I faced absolutely unhealthy pressures and expectations. However, all of this is an experience and a lesson that allows me to better understand employees, managers and business owners, because I have always looked at the causes of other people's behavior, trying to understand and encouraging others to do the same. It was this very understanding that gave me yet another edge.

The effect of the last few years has been my change from being closed-minded, constantly tense and constantly thinking about the mistakes of the past and worrying about the future, to being brave, open-minded, clearly taking care of my needs, with much more joy and efficiency. I am an example even to people who don't know my full story, and I guarantee that people who knew me 10 years ago would not believe that this is me.
I know how big changes can be, I know what it takes to make them, and that's why I can initiate and lead them quickly and efficiently.



I live in Ireland, with my wife, but I touch and draw from all over the world without feeling restricted in doing so. I plan, develop and share everything I have learned.

Free time for me is all about mental development, above and beyond the basics of taking care of myself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I aim to impact others.

"Perfectly combines attentiveness, curiosity, and empathy with analytical thinking."

"I appreciate the attentive listening, openness, and willingness to support in finding the best solution."

"Very insightful, dutiful, meticulous, honest in communication. At the same time, he quickly and effectively pushes things forward."

"Having extensive psychological knowledge and experience in working with people, he is very quick to connect the dots. The result is that he sees where the source of the problem may be, and through accurate questions, guides the clients in such a way that they discover, find answers and solutions themselves."

"Inspires mental change and personal growth, is objective and attentive to the client. He is like a mentor."

"Very tactful in his actions, and at the same time factual and confident in what he does."

"Demonstrated diligence and insight in the area of mentoring and coaching."

"Always takes responsibility for delivering a plan or project."

"Accurately hits the spot with questions."

So let them speak up!

I aim to impact others.

So let them speak up!

Greg Hinc | Life-Business Coach and Consultant | Inspirer of Curiosity

What do they say about me?

He dealt with scepticism swiftly, and made me start thinking about issues that I had consistently ignored/postponed until now.

Thanks to his support, I was able to understand the challenges in my professional life and then find a solution to a given situation.

I appreciate the attentive listening, openness, and willingness to support in finding the best solution for the coachee.

Accurately hits the spot with questions.

Having extensive psychological knowledge and experience in working with people, he is very quick to connect the dots. The result is that he sees where the source of the problem may be, and through accurate questions, guides the clients in such a way that they discover, find answers and solutions themselves.


Greg is very tactful in his actions, and at the same time factual and confident in what he does.

Greg is a great coach - practitioner, coach of the depth, mental advisor, and integral therapist. He has helped me in many crisis situations. I recommend working with him where other coaches fail.

He inspires mental change and personal growth, is objective and attentive to the client. He is like a mentor. Without his support, I would not be where I am now.

I have gained motivation and greatly accelerated the pace of my activities. I have systematized my thoughts and translated them into tangible mental projects.


I highly recommend working with Greg, who is a master of coaching, crisis intervention, advising, and mentoring.

He has taken me through many coaching sessions that have helped me change a lot in my life.


Greg thoroughly analyzed my situation and with patience and commitment led me to change. I felt his support every step of the way and I know I can trust him.

I admire his patience, support, and analytical skills. Greg is able to analyze the problem calmly and with commitment. He clearly explains the mechanisms that steer me, which gives an understanding of the situation.


I recommend him 100%.

Are you looking for solutions?

Greg will find them with you, I guarantee.

I was able to make lasting, positive changes in both my professional and personal life.


Greg perfectly combines attentiveness, curiosity, and empathy with analytical thinking. This makes each session very valuable and effective.


If you are facing important decisions or have a need for change and at the same time need support in taking action, I sincerely recommend working with Greg.

I worked with Greg on releasing negative beliefs.


Greg is very insightful, dutiful, meticulous, honest in communication. At the same time, he quickly and effectively pushes things forward.


I am very pleased to work with him.

I have always been deeply satisfied.

He knows what to ask, when to give time and silence, and never pushes you until you are ready.

From the very beginning, he demonstrated diligence and insight in the area of mentoring and coaching.

He led several sessions with me, which were done with attentiveness and active listening. He brought changes to my thinking and specific guidance on how to implement them.

Greg is a master in providing the best counseling in the most professional and time bound manner.
He has a very sharp agile mind and the most human heart, the best combination to navigate successfully. I recommend him with a five star rating.
One of the best coach I have had the immense pleasure to reach out to.

Greg stands out as a unique face in the crowd.

A servant leader par excellence, a deep thinker with great humane values, and exemplary levels of IQ, EQ, and SQ.

In challenging, highly stressful moments, he is able to make the right decisions and offer an out-of-the-box solution.

But probably in his case, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that he always takes responsibility for delivering a plan or project. You can entrust him with the most difficult tasks and be sure that they will be well managed from start to finish.


He can work individually but also performs well as a team leader which proves his versatility and ability to adapt to business situations.

Professional, Leader, Oasis of Calm


Greg finds a solution even in the most difficult situations.

He can calmly lead the team straight to the goal.

Determined and confident in his actions, yet helpful and inspiring to action.

Full of dedication and going beyond his standard tasks as an employee. He is determined to solve problems and achieve the goals assigned to him.


Greg takes a very proactive approach to all company processes, trying his best to analyze them, find out the causes of any shortcomings and fix them. He is a fully committed employee and at the same time a very good colleague. He is happy to help anyone, even if the area of assistance goes beyond his standard scope of activities and duties.

Greg is one of the most dedicated professionals I have worked with and is willing to do his best to help when needed.

He is well-organized, diligent, and a quick learner.

He is a very focused person, as well as analytical.

He handles stressful situations very well.

His energy for action was contagious and helped to achieve great goals. One of the best analysts I have worked with.

He was an inspiration to the rest of us because he always went the extra mile and found great ways to solve problems quickly.

He excelled as a project leader as well as a team member.

I could always count on factual, reliable information presented in a logical, structured, and clear manner.


Greg is very well-organized, professional, and factual. In addition, he is a kind, polite, and non-conflictual colleague, pleasant and good to work with.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful person you have been throughout this little journey.

The way you have helped all of us in your role and beyond, specially being available every now and then - to attend all the new kind of issues I had and for sorting them out together.

This one quality of yours is what would stay in my mind about you, as and when I get a thought of you.


So 'Greg' to me in a few words – Honest-Humble-Helpful-High Quality-Professional.


What for?

I facilitate achieving more, in integrity with self and calmness,
through caring for the well-being of individuals, teams, and companies,
by initiating and leading transformation in a fully integral and comprehensive way,
through rising above the status quo with coaching and consulting in a tailored approach,

to create a prosperous community, living fully and authentically, by understanding self and the world,

and multiplying this impact.

management of change / project / quality, statistical analysis, problem solving, lean, continuous improvement, communication, leadership, business acumen

official details:

TÜV Thüringen (TÜVPOL) - Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

supply chain management and adjacent areas: strategies, tools and techniques of development; design for financial and whole business optimization; procure and deliver through demand, forecasting, planning, control, logistics, transportation and regulatory; customer relationship management; supplier relationship management; reverse logistics; standards, regulations and sustainability; risk management; measurement, analysis and improvement

official details:

Association for Supply Chain Management / (ASCM / APICS CSCP) - Certified Supply Chain Professional

diverse techniques and models, as well as general approach to the client, coaching and hypnotherapy

official details:

The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) - Certified NLP Master Coach

The American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) - Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

fully integral and holistic model of coaching-consulting based on worldwide knowledge gathered from the best; covers the range of:

◼ coaching and mental training, psychology and integral therapy, psychological counseling, hypnosis, psychosomatics, mindfulness, personality analysis
◼ business coaching, decision-making, change management, team management, crisis management, personal branding and career, persuasion, negotiation, mediation
◼ group coaching, delivering training, public speaking, marketing and business strategies

180+ hours of lectures with 1,200+ pages of handouts, 200+ hours of discussions, exercises with a supervisor and group work (not including individual practice)

official details:

The Leaders of Change Institute, Therapy&Coaching School by Change Value Process (CVP) - Certified Master Coach, Business Advisor, Integral Therapist, Psychological Advisor, Mental Coach

Sources I draw from

9 years in the supply chain area, in close contact with adjacent departments, managing and coordinating cross-functionally on a global scale. Working with people from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Supply chain experience from purchasing, through end-to-end planning, to inventory management.
Managing implementing and change projects, with a focus on synchronization, cost efficiency and supply chain risk management. Projects worth tens of millions of euros annually across 7 markets, 14 production sites and around 100 stock keeping units.

Significant achievements in implementing and improving procedures and processes.

Experience in systems and data management, as well as recruitment, induction and leadership.

Employed by the world's largest corporations, a major family-owned traditional company and a multi-branch joint-stock company.

Background in the regulated environment of the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food industries, as well as the production of plastic packaging for the household chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries; collaboration with in-house and contract manufacturers.

Additional courses such as: Management Skills - Team Leadership Skills Masterclass, Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)®,
Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills, Self Leadership, Effective communication and cooperation building

by The Ken Blanchard Companies, University of Michigan, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy and others

My entire background includes in total many hundreds of hours of courses, trainings, books, podcasts, articles and discussions on the topics of leadership, communication, business analysis and strategy, HR, marketing, quality, manufacturing, finance, customer service and more.

Professional experience


Give yourself a better life

Choose your greater future

Greg Hinc | Life-Business Coach and Consultant | Inspirer of Curiosity
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